Taking Flight: Coming Home

I’M FINALLY BACK! Even though I’ve been back for nearly two weeks, I finally decided to update the blog.  I know I said I was going to be… Continue reading

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Taking Flight: A Tech Geek’s Tale (Miami Edition)

Labor Day! What a joyous holiday it is!  This holiday marks the unofficial end of summer (with the actual end being September 22).  From what I’ve gathered from… Continue reading

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The Super Late Thoughts on Sound Shapes (PS3/Vita)

There comes a time in every man’s life when they need to sit down and actually do something with it.  I think today is that day.  Its been… Continue reading

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The MajorTrain Show Episode 11 – In need of a Sound Scaper?

MTSEpisode11 Shoutouts – EnthusLife – GameEnthus – Nignorance – The Dream Team – Scarcasm Live – Negotiations Have Succeeded – Single Simulcast – Straight out of Locash Feedback… Continue reading

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Script Error on Sound Shapes for the PS3

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While playing  a community level on Sound Shapes (and a damn good one at that), I came across this error upon completion of it. I wonder if Quesy… Continue reading

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The MajorTrain Show Episode 10 – Is This The BaneTrain Show

The MajorTrain Show Episode 10 – Is This the BaneTrain Show? Shoutouts – EnthusLife – GameEnthus – Nignorance – The Dream Team – Scarcasm Live – Negotiations Have… Continue reading

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Recording Podcasts in Linux

For those who don’t know, I have recently switched over full-time to Linux.  No, this wasn’t a requirement of my job, although, it didn’t hurt that I did… Continue reading

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The MajorTrain Show Episode #9 – Who removed the tracks?!

Please bear with me as this is the first time trying to host my podcasts on my blog!  Hope this works!   So, had some contractual disputes over… Continue reading


And we’re back on the air!

And just like that, the website (or at least the blog) is back on the net!  After two days of fighting with server issues, we have finally restored… Continue reading

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Moves Like Major!

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Just figured I’d put this here for you guys and girls to check out!

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