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Newell Talks About ‘Steam Box’

  Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, has found some time this year at CES to talk about the much rumored and anticipated ‘Steam Box’, the affectionate pet name… Continue reading

Fedora Linux

After Tons of Delays, Fedora 18 is Finally Coming Out

After being two months late to its own coming out party, Fedora 18, codenamed “Spherical Cow” has finally been given approval to be released into the web.  At… Continue reading

CES Gaming Microsoft Samsung Xbox 360

Samsung Unveils Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Concept

CES has already kicked off and is full of new and exciting things in consumer electronics (even though if you were really there, you wouldn’t think so). During… Continue reading

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Fitocracy Fitness App is Finally Available for Android

Thanks to people like @bigrob029, I’ve signed up for some pretty interesting things around the internet.  One of them happened to be a gamified fitness website called Fitocracy…. Continue reading

Android Apple Facebook Google iOS

Facebook Messenger App Talks Back

Today, Facebook released the newest version of their Messenger application for both iOS and Android.  The update includes the ability to send voice messages alongside text to other… Continue reading

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Microsoft Crying Foul Against Google In Regards to YouTube App

If Google isn’t fighting for its life in the mobile space with Apple (albeit, indirectly), they seem to be picking a fight with Microsoft in regards to two… Continue reading

Cars Google Technology Travel

Google Partners with Multiple Car Manufacturers to Feature Google Maps

  Google, not content with staying within its self-driving Toyota Prii, the search giant announced that they will be taking their talents to South Korea. Google and Kia… Continue reading

Linux Mobile Samsung Technology Ubuntu

Ubuntu Shows Off Mobile Version of Linux Operating System

Canonical took to the web to show off its new mobile operating system which functions and looks so much like Ubuntu, they had no choice but to call… Continue reading


EnthusLife Podcast Ep 28 EOTY or That Happened


Gaming Major's House Microsoft Nintendo Podcast Sony

The 2012 GGRE Game of the Year Deliberations

Today, I present to you the first annual GGRE Game of the Year Deliberations for 2012.  Enjoy!

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