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MajorLabs: Rode Mic Setup

Take a small tour of the Rode Podcaster setup! Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone Rode PSM 1 Shock Mount for Podcaster Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom… Continue reading

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MajorTips: Get Faded with Auto White Balance

Honestly, this may be an issue for people with darker complexions even with good lighting. It may be something I’d like to see webcam manufacturers tackle a little… Continue reading

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The Major Sound Solution (Sony – UX Series Digital Voice Recorder)

I’m now free to move about the house! Product: Sony – UX Series Digital Voice Recorder

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MajorUnboxing: Photography Photo Portrait Studio Lights

You know, it was about time I got some decent lighting in here… Things seem so much clearer now… Also, I hope you guys enjoyed the rare look… Continue reading

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MajorOffline: Overwatch MultiCam Test

I may not be the best at Overwatch or the best at recording a video with multiple cameras, but I’m sure gonna try! There are still some cuts… Continue reading

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Unsubscribers’ Video (2018)

It was finally time for me to update the YouTube unsubscribers’ video. If you haven’t already done so, please hit that sub button! For every sub that I… Continue reading

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Secret MajorsHouse Project Commercial #3

I’m working on something really special. Its taking me a while to get it done. Here’s a commercial while you wait…

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The MajorsHouse Show Unboxing Spectacular: Elgato Gaming Stream Deck

During this special stream (which should be the last unboxing stream for a while), I take a look at the newly released Elgato Gaming Stream Deck! While kind… Continue reading

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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 53: 600 Years and My Face is Still Asleep

Its been a long time since I’ve been on a console, and it was rough! Hoping to get all this sorted out before streaming more of them. In… Continue reading

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MajorBlooper: Stone Faced Gaming

Something happened with the webcam at the end of the stream where it just froze. Not sure what happened, but I sure as shit look serious! You can… Continue reading

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